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Essex, London, Kent, Herts.

Swimming Pool Boiler Experts In Essex and the south East

It would be fair to say that when it comes to Swimming Pool Boilers and heating, Boilers 4 Essex are at the top of the pile.  We have extensive experience installing new swimming pool boilers as well as servicing and repairing them.

We install both domestic and commercial swimming pool boilers all over the South East of England not just Essex.

If your looking for a new swimming pool boiler or just a repair we have it covered!

Swimming Boiler Installations In Essex

Boilers 4 Essex offer a top notch swimming pool boiler installation service.  We install all kinds of swimming pool boiler including:

  • Gas swimming pool boilers.
  • Oil swimming pool boilers.
  • LPG swimming pool boilers.
  • Electric swimming pool heaters.

No mater the size of your pool or whether its in you back garden, holiday camp or leisure center, Boilers 4 Essex have a solution.  Our highly trained swimming pool boiler engineers have seen it all before.

Swimming Pool Boilers Repairs In Essex

If your swimming pool boiler or heater has broken down and you want to get up and running quickly give us a call.  Remember swimming pool boilers is a specialist area and special training and additional qualifications are required to carry out work on swimming pool boilers.

We3 have extensive experience repair swimming pool boilers from all the pool boiler manufacturers.  Including Certikin, Laars, Jandy, Hayward and Tropical Isle.

Fully Qualified Swimming Pool Boiler Engineers.

All our swimming pool boiler engineers are fully qualified to work on swimming pool boilers and heaters.  We are Gas Safe registered for natural gas and LPG swimming pool boilers, OFTEC registered for oil swimming pool boilers and Part P for electrical pool heaters.

If you are unsure whether a gas engineer is qualified to work on a swimming pool boiler ask to see the back of their gas safe register card.  It should say “swimming pools” on the back if they are qualified.  Or just eliminate the risk of booking someone that is not qualified and book Boilers 4 Essex in!

Bespoke Swimming Pool Heating Solutions.

As experienced swimming pool boiler and heating engineers there is not a lot we have not come across before.  Our extensive knowledge of swimming pool heating allows us to design a bespoke swimming pool plant rooms to suit any swimming pool.  We install all the plant including the filters and pumps.  No matter what your fuel source we have it covered.  We can also fit air source heat pumps for your pool should you wish to use a renewable source of energy.

We have have had so many happy customers with our A rated, energy efficient, bespoke swimming pool heating systems.  Not only because of our high quality of workmanship, but also because of the money saved on fuel bills.

Certikin Swimming Pool Boilers

Boilers 4 Essex work very closely with Certikin.  Certikin are a leading manufacturer and distributor of swimming pool equipment in the UK.  We have a direct supply chain only open to the chosen few.  Meaning we can offer you the very best prices on their Certikin Genie boilers as well as parts for all of the older Certikin swimming pool boiler models.

Boilers 4 Essex are approved Certikin installers and also carry out work on behalf of Certikin as one of their approved contractors.

Laars Lite Swimming Pool Boilers

Laars lite swimming pool boilers are another pool boiler widely still in use in the UK.  Boilers 4 Essex pool boiler engineers know these heaters well.  We also have the best supply chain for Laars lite 2 boiler parts in this country.  However the parts are becoming harder and harder to get hold of every year.  Also the old technology the Laars and Jandy boilers use is not nearly as efficient as the bespoke swimming pool heating system’s designed and installed by Boilers 4 Essex.

So whether you want to go for a repair or a replacement swimming pool boiler we can help.

How To Heat Your Swimming Pool With No Gas.

So you have no gas but want to heat your swimming pool in a cost effective way.  No problem we have the solutions for you!  So we have a few options all with their pro’s and con’s.  Where you live and what you can get in your area can often be a deciding factor.  But in short these are the other options if you have no natural gas piped to your home:

  • Oil swimming pool boiler.
  • LPG swimming pool boiler.
  • Air source heat pump.
  •  Electric heater.

Hybrid Swimming Pool Heating Systems

Maybe you already have one heat source but want to be more energy efficient in the way you heat your swimming pool?  Well the good news is you can and still have the flexibility and performance provided by gas  or oil pool boilers / heaters.

The way we do this is to add an air source heat pump to the existing heating system.  This is not a job for a novice.  The controls and pipework need configuring in such away only an expert could.  The main benefit of this hybrid system is that you can use relatively low amounts of energy to heat your pool in the summer and still have the all year round performance of fossil fuels in the winter.  Not to mention this would lower your carbon footprint massively!